accounting services

Providing accurate, timely financial information to our clients is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised. We provide a variety of accounting services, including: General ledger review, financial statement preparation, monthly accounting data review, monthly reconciliations and more. We're happy to discuss your individual needs.


Accurate bookkeeping is the cornerstone to quality accounting and financial reporting. We offer a wide range of services, ranging from weekly bill payment to monthly financial statement preparation.


Need additional support on an ongoing or one-time basis? Have special projects that you need off your plate? Feeling overwhelmed by this year's budget preparation? Let us step in to be your right-hand person!


nonprofit tax filing

We offer Form 990 preparation & any required schedules at a simple, flat rate fee. We can provide a one time tax filing for your nonprofit or add it to your professional services package.

nonprofit audit preparation

Does your staff lack the hours in the day to perform normal work and prepare for the annual audit? Is this year your organization's first audit? Let our hands-on nonprofit audit experience work to your advantage and make this year's audit hassle free.                                                               


interim / outsourced positions

Does your organization need an interim Controller, Finance Director or Accounting Manager? Are your needs more long term? Let us step in to provide a bridge during transitions, or additional expertise where needed.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are not just the latest fad and dashboards aren’t just pretty to look at. These important tools help you make just-in-time adjustments to your operations to meet your strategic goals and capitalize on emerging opportunities. We leverage technology to build and automatically update these important indicators so you can spend time using the information rather than compiling it. We also teach you how to take action, improving performance and increasing impact.